Elderly Man with walker attempt to steal car at knifepoint is foiled when he takes too long to load walker into car

oldman_walkerIn International News: A 64-year-old elderly man from Queensland, Australia, was arrested for allegedly trying to steal a 22-year-old woman’s car at knifepoint in a Queensland area Kmart parking lot. Luckily, for the 22-year-old woman, the police arrived before the elderly man could flee the scene. Apparently, he had trouble loading his walker into the car as well as a few bags of groceries.

According to reports, a 64-year-old elderly man using a walker purchased a knife and some groceries at a Queensland Kmart. He then hobbled out at glacier pace toward a 22-year-old woman that was sitting in her parked car, he showed her the knife and told her he was taking her car. Unfortunately, for all you Crocodile Dundee fans, there was no “That’s not a knife…That’s a knife” moment, rather, the woman politely obliged, and quickly called the police. The elderly renegade proceeded to load his walker in the car, but had some issues. When the cops arrived the old timer was still trying to fit his walker in the car, not mention his bag of groceries. “Crikey!”

Story: Geelong Advertiser


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