Drunken Florida man arrested for attempting exorcism on his 80-year-old girlfriend

florida_benesMeet 54-year-old David Benes of Holiday, Florida. David Benes enjoys getting wasted, interesting hair cuts, older women, hearing voices, and performing, the occasional, exorcism. Benes was recently arrested for tying up his 80-year-old girlfriend for two days as Benes got wasted and attempted to perform an exorcism on the elderly woman.

“I’m trying to exorcise you and get the devil out!” Benes yelled, belligerently, as he physically restrained his 80-year-old girlfriend.


Benes went on and told the woman that she wouldn’t be allowed to leave the house. Drink. He took the batteries out of all the phones in the house so she couldn’t call the police, drink, as well as hid her car keys, drink, and deactivated the garage door opener. Drink.

After two days of severe abuse and imprisonment the elderly woman managed to escape and was found outside by police with scratches and bruises all over both arms. (No info regarding who notified police). The police found Benes heavily intoxicated on the couch. The 54-year-old aspiring exorcist could hardly speak, and admitted to having no recollection of the events of the last couple days.

“I blacked out man. I don’t remember sh#t. But she started it man, because she is crazy!” Benes managed to slur out to police.

David Benes was charged with domestic battery on a person 65 or older, tampering with a witness and false imprisonment. Drink.

Full Story: Tampa Bay Times

*portions of dialogue may be dramatization based on true events