Dog Gone Wild: Huskies and a Jail Cell

husky troubleHow much do you love your dog?  If you are like most people, your dog is an important member of your family and you would do anything for them…right?  Well, a young man in Alaska truly does love his Siberian Husky.  So much so, that he might be looking at jail time.

Toby, the dog, is a bit of trouble maker.  He keeps getting himself into trouble and keeps getting put in doggie jail.  We can only assume that doggie jail in this story is an animal control holding cage.  The dog’s owner has had to literally bail Toby out of doggie jail several times in the past 6 months.  And that hasn’t come at a cheap price….in fact, the total for doggie trouble has reached $1800.  But the trouble doesn’t end there.  The latest charge is not against Toby, but rather the owner.  He recently was arrested for wanton waste of a Moose when he shot a moose to protect Toby.  According to the article, wanton waste is a serious offense in Alaska and carries a $2500 fine and up to several days in jail. Toby and his owner need to shape up or they might be sharing a cell very soon. I know that Alaska has a shortage of women but really?

-PJ Fielder

Original story: How a dog with a wild streak left his Alaska owner poor and facing jail time

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