Crazy for Chicken Wings for the Super Bowl?

If you are a football fan and looking forward to the big game this Sunday, than you have probably heard the news recently of the national panic overall the potential chicken wing shortage.  This crazy news couldn’t come at a worst time as tailgaters and professional grillers begin to create their game-day menus.

Two men in Georgia were so freaked out by the threat of no chicken wings on Superbowl Sunday that they tried carrying out the heist of the century.  Okay, maybe not the heist of the century, but at least the best heist this week…or maybe the last 72 hours.  The two men tried to steal $65,000 worth of chicken wings, but unfortunately got caught with their hands in the bucket.

-PJ Fielder

Original article:  Faced With the Threat of a Chicken Wing Shortage, These Men Took Action