Chicago man busted for having sex with a pit bull while touring Animal Care and Control Facility

chicago Perez50-year-old Chicago man, Gerardo Perez, was arrested for allegedly having sex with a pit bull while touring a Chicago area Animal Care and Control Facility i.e. city pound.

According to an employee of the pound, Perez was on a group tour of the facility when he casually left the group and proceeded to enter a restricted area, it was here that he was promptly told to leave and rejoin the group tour.

However, Perez didn’t leave the restrictive area, rather, he jumped in to a cage and romanced a white and grey pit bull. Some time later, another employee of the facility stumbled upon Perez in the cage with the pit bull to what appeared to be a post sex situation between man and dog. The employee said,”I was just doing my rounds when I came across a man on his hands and knees with his pants off inside a cage with one of our pit bulls. It was obvious that they had sexual relations and seemed to be spooning upright.” Perez quickly admitted to the act and was heard proudly saying, “Yeah I f#cked a pit bull, yeah I f#cked a pit bull, I bet you don’t have the balls to do it!”

You are god damn right, I don’t have the balls to do it.

Perez was charged with felony sexual conduct with an animal and burglary. And surprisingly an increase of street cred among pit bull communities.

Full Story: NBC Chicago

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