British Stable Hand arrested for filming himself having sex with horses and dogs

Britsh_grahamA 41-year-old British man a little down on his luck was picked up by police on suspicion of burglary, more interestingly, when they searched his home (more accurately his caravan) on a piece of property near the small town of Wem, England looking for the stolen items they stumbled upon a large pornographic video collection that included home video segments of the man having sex with a horse and two dogs.

“I was experimenting. What can I say. I just lay on the bed and the dog did the rest.” The man told officers when confronted about the bestiality porn involving two dogs they found on his camera phone.

Meet Graham Redfearn. Graham is a 41-year-old aspiring stable hand, as well as a registered Sex Offender from a 1998 case involving gross indecency with a five-year-old child. Graham currently lives in a small caravan on a piece of property in Wem, and is looking for a job that involves working with Studs. Before his arrest Graham posted this on Facebook:

Looking 4 any horse work with accom.Willing 2 work 6 days a week at 5 a hour, I ride break and all yard duties as well as handle all kinds of young stock also done stud work. Please feel free 2 call me on 555-1234

Graham admitted to having sexual relations with a mare (female horse), a pit bull, and a vizsla. He also admitted that he filmed himself having sex with the creatures with the intention to distribute the footage via the internet.

When asked what compelled him to commit such sexual deviant acts Graham responded, “I was abused and raped by a German Shepard when I was twelve.”

Graham Redfearn was found guilty and was banned from owning animals (for life), and was given a 10-year “sexual offences prevention order” (which I assume is British for sex offender probation).

Full story: Shropshire Star News