British man banned from every farm in England for getting it on with a goat

britgoatIn British News: Meet Robert Newman of Devizes, Wiltshire, England. The 23-year-old British man likes to have sex with goats and doesn’t care who knows. He recently pleaded guilty to fornicating with the agile caprine creature in North West Wiltshire Magistrates Court in Chippenham.

The Judge ordered that Newman be prohibited from setting foot on any property that has farm animals within the country, in other words, the judge banned Newman from every farm in the United Kingdom. In addition, the goat lover must remain indoors from 7pm  to 7am. Apparently, the judge wants to make sure that Newman doesn’t get tempted and find himself on top of a goat at 11’oclock at night before his sentencing on Sept. 12.

Brit News: IB Times

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