Arizona woman arrested for having sex with the family dog


Must love dogs

Must love dogs

Brittany Sonnier, a 20-year-old Lake Havasu City resident and mother of 11-month-old son, was charged with two counts of crimes against nature for allegedly having vaginal and oral sex with two dogs. Brittany’s seven year secret was revealed when she confessed to her boyfriend of six months that she fantasizes about incest and likes having sex with dogs and has been doing so since she was 13-years-old. WTF?  The boyfriend (name not released, but we will refer to him as Ray), “disturbed and freaked out” over the confession, quickly broke up with her and notified police. 


The Story:

According to Ray, his and Brittany’s six-month relationship was going rather well and he considered her as a “nice, sweet, and innocent girl.” However, toward the end, a ripple begin to form in their relationship and their sex life started to dwindle. It resulted in having the “Talk”. Ray admitted that he thought the “Talk” was going to involve a possible threesome or swinger situation to spark up their non-existence sex life, unfortunately for Ray this was not the case, rather, Brittany showed him pictures of people engaging in sex with animals, and then proceeded to tell him that she likes having sex with dogs and has been having sex with their family dogs since she was 13, not to mention, she has a great talent in training dogs to have sex with her and only her.  And just for fun Brittany showed Ray pictures of family cartoon characters having sex, which I believe infers that she also likes to have sex with family members. At this point, it is safe to say that Brittany is a very visual oriented person.

Now convinced that Brittany is a crazed sex addict and will have sex with anybody, and appropriately, with anything, Ray began worrying about Brittany’s 11-month-old son. So, before going to the police, Ray mentioned the subject to Brittany’s father, whereas, her father admitted to knowing about the dog sex (WTF), and is currently attempting to gain custody of the 11-month-old because he doesn’t view Brittany as a fit parent. Oh poor Ray, how did you respond to the Father’s prior knowledge of his daughter’s sexual affliction we all want to know. In the end, Ray alerted the police and Brittany was charged.

I feel there is more to this story. There is a secret backstory somewhere. A twist. Maybe involving the Father. A childhood gone wrong perhaps?

Also, seven years ago a movie was made about this same issue called Sleeping Dogs Lie

Seven Years ago is when having sex with animals became illegal in the state of Arizona.

Seven years ago is around the time Brittany started training her dog some fancy tricks.


 *side note: I feel bad for the dogs that were involved, hopefully they weren’t scarred for life and can go on a lead normal dog lives. 

Full story: IWIDK


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