Alaskan man charged with DUI for driving a motorized shopping cart while heavily intoxicated

fairbanks_shopEveryone has their thing. For Merrill Moses of Fairbanks, Alaska, his thing is to get f**king belligerent, and then wreak havoc while driving a motorized shopping cart around a Fairbanks Fred Meyer. Unfortunately, ¬†Merrill’s latest drunken escapade got a little rowdy and landed the 63-year-old man in jail with a DUI.

According to a store employee, Merrill bolted out of Fred Meyer while driving a motorized shopping cart attempting to drive the cart into traffic in the parking lot. Worried that Merrill would get hit by a car an employee of the store quickly jumped in front of the cart and grabbed on to the handlebars to prevent the obvious drunk man from moving forward–the employee held him there until the cops arrive.

Merrill blew an impressive .310% , which was well over the legal limit of .08%. In addition to a DUI, the police also charged Merrill with third-degree theft for shoplifting a box of cake mix and cookies while on his belligerent joy ride.

DUI for driving around a motorized shop cart. Who knew?

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