A Massage School Student gets “Fingered” with a not so “Happy Ending”


handy massageYou know it was only going to be a matter of time before we found a story about a massage therapist servicing the client a little too therapeutically…or a lot too therapeutically depending on your perspective.  Everyone has heard of the “Happy Ending” concept of massage therapy.  This happens when….okay, we won’t explain it, but rather assume everyone knows what we are talking about.  For those that don’t know, just ask anyone and they will tell you.  What we will tell you is that while the happy ending is an exciting concept and the storyline of many adult themed movies, in the real world it is illegal and falls into the category of the oldest profession in the world (once again, if you don’t know what that is, just ask anyone).


When someone goes to a massage therapist it is usually to relax and forget about their stress.  You disrobe, lie on the table and trust that the person who is massaging you will do what they are supposed to do, well most people, at least.  In a way, when we get a massage we are actually in a pretty vulnerable situation, again some may find it comprimicing.  Most of the time, massages go without incident.  But recently in Northern California, a female massage student was introduced to the “Not so Happy Ending” to her massage.


Last month, a massage student in NAPA, California committed a big no-no in the massage world (once again, we are talking about the real massage world no the so called “Chinese foot massage world”…wink, wink).  While practicing on another student, his hands began to wander a bit (in regular school students’ “eyes” seem to wander, but in massage school it is usually the hands…or in this case the finger…ouch).  The teacher stepped out of the room for a moment and the fellow massage classmate who was being massaged at the time by the man ended up with a not so happy ending to her massage.  According to reports the man got a little “handsy” or shall we say “fingery” with his client.  The man was arrested on sexual battery.  He was recently sentenced to 30 days in jail and 3 years probation.  He has also been banned from practicing Swedish massage…which is a little confusing because based on the story it really didn’t seem like he was practicing any type of massage other than the “creepy” “groping” kind.  Read the original story below. I have to ask, Is he allowed to participate in an Oriental Massage?

As a commentator, I find this funny because the giver is male and the receiver is female. What do you think the likelihood of a Police complaint have been if it was the traditional “Happy Ending” transaction?

-PJ Fielder

Original story: Massage therapy student sentenced to jail