11-year-old Ohio girl receives death threat from her Raggedy Ann doll

rag doll11-year-old Bella Mastracci of Powell, Ohio, is probably sleeping with one-eye open these days, considering that her Raggedy Ann doll recently threatened to kill her.

According to the little girl, someone allegedly took her Raggedy Ann doll from her house and then returned the doll with its throat cut and with a note stuffed inside it. The note read, “Bella kill yourself or I will kill you.”

The Powell Police conducted a thorough investigation that involved the questioning of neighbors and friends, possible people that had access to inside the girl’s home, as well as conducting lab tests and DNA analysis on the doll and note. However, the police came up empty handed and have no leads in the case. ¬†With that said, if you live in the Powell area and you have any information regarding this case give Powell Police a call.

As for 11-year-old Bella, she believes this is a case of a bully trying to get the best of her, and doesn’t seem too rattled. She had this to say about it,” Stop bullying. Don’t be mean. Don’t Bully anybody else, because it’s hurting them.”

chucky childs playBella obviously hasn’t seen Child’s Play.

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